128GB Samsung Pro Endurance formatted with SD Card Formatter

Due to a recent price drop (~18@) I decided to try these.
My first test I started on a V3 on 7/10/21@ 1700 and ran in HD mode till July 13th @2300. it used 31.2GB, So about 77 hours,
I then continued in SD mode, the card is now at 112.14GB, and it’s July 23rd@1130.
Panning through it from finish to start takes a while but for the applications where I want weeks of recording looks like it will do well.

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Apparently the max it will use on my 128GB card is about 112.+ a smidge GB (out of a reported 119+GB after formatting)
And when it goes to record over it does it in big chunks.
For example I started on 7/10/21@ 1700 and up two days ago I could scroll back through it to then. But yesterday I checked and it cut off at something like 0800 on the 11th. Today it’s cut off at 7/12/21 0000 while still recording at 2024 on the 24th.
I’m waiting till it’s full and recording over July 13th @2300 to see how much I can cram onto the card in SD mode.

Well, I missed when it started recording over the part of July 13@2300.
When I checked today (7/27/21) @1430 the earliest clip was July 13th @0800 and showing 114.2G used.
When I checked again @2000 the camera had overwitten up to July 14th@0500 and was down to 111.52G.
Doing the math that is 13 days, 15 hours of recording on SD. Not bad for an $18 card.

(Note the most I saw recorded on it was 115.2G., but that was with some HD from early on)
It gets a little flaky scrolling though the card, I have to go slow with the app. And sometimes when I scrolled all the way to the beginning it wouldn’t replay, but sat there with the live view.

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I’m using the same Samsung Pro Endurance cards and getting about 5 days 13 hours and 30 minutes on a 64GB card with a v3 cam in HD mode and just about double that for my 128GB cards.