Samsung pro endurance versus pro ultimate sd cards

Hello everyone, as I’m sure the majority of people in our amazing community here are aware, I’m a wee bit of an SD Card nerd. I don’t know if anyone else was as lucky as me for some reason to receive an email today from amazon about samsung’s newest SD card. The new pro ultimate card. as it seems that we are often inundated with questions around the SD cards. I figured I would be a wee bit preemptive and hit this up for some research.

And digging through the depths of the outerwebz for information and specifics on this card, I came across some interesting things. Some surprising, some not so.

If you happen to be familiar with my soliloquies on memory cards You’ve probably read about my breakdown on different memory types. as I’ve covered that in many other threads, I won’t go into that here. all I will do here is breakdown and use scenarios for each card between Samsung Pro endurance which is their high endurance card, and the new pro ultimate card. being that they have two that are labeled pro, it would be easy to confuse the two and think that they might be the same thing, just in different generations. it’s actually the first thought I had, which is what led me to make this post.

so let me preface with, the pro endurance cards from samsung are still my go to and will get my vote as they are the ACTUAL HIGH ENDURANCE cards. they are the cards that are made for use in cameras such as Wyze cams and as such their warranty is supportive of this use. you will not void the warranty by using them in our cameras. I post that because its an often over looked mistake people have run into in the past with other cards. they had no idea that use in our cameras actually voided the warranty of their cards when the cards failed.

for any fellow nerds that want to look at the pro endurance warranty, here ye be, samsung pro endurance warranty.

a quick rundown on the pro endurance.
One of the first things you read on the pro endurance page is that it is extreme endurance for monitoring devices. It reads that it is perfect for CCTV/dashcams/body cams and such, it states that it’s built to last 140,000 hours. The downside to this is that the pro endurance only comes in cards up to 256 GB. But the warranty of the card is up to 5 years. The card does handle full HD or 4K. It’s tested against magnets X-rays water drops and wear outs and temperatures from 25c to 85C.

I would argue one of the best things about this particular SD cards specs page is that it first reads that it’s for use in cameras just like ours.

and now the new kid on the block. the samsung pro ultimate sd card.

this is a capture from the email I got from amazon on the item this afternoon Which I think lends credibility to the amount of SD cards I buy. It’s kind of ridiculous. :rofl: :joy:

and now the break down of little bit of info I could find for the pro ultimate.

In reviewing the Samsung page for the new pro ultimate card it mentions that the card has exceptional stability efficiency and reliability of professional photographers and content creators. I think this is exceptionally compelling evidence that it is not made for our particular type of use in our cameras because all of this lends Credence to the fact that it’s made for simple write cycles ( typically photos or videos that don’t constantly read and write), not high endurance continuous write cycles like our products need. And going on it says that it has sequential read write speeds of up to 200 megabytes per second and can take dynamic burst shots and 4K UHD video recording. As far as endurance it even mentions that it’s waterproof for up to 72 hours and 6 ft of seawater, has a temperature rating of -25c to 85C, it is x-ray proof, magnetic proof, shockproof, drop proof, and wear out proof up to 10,000 swipes.

Sadly it doesn’t mention if it’s SLC, MLC, or TLC type memory cells inside the card. But I guess that’s going above the general rate of nerdery in the public :sunglasses:

I think the point has been proven based on their own descriptions that they wrote so many things about this wonderful card but did not mention specifically that it’s made for continuous read / writes and such things or use in security cameras like they do with the pro endurance. I haven’t read the warranty on this specific card ( had trouble finding it for this card at the time of making this post) but I don’t believe it’s for use in cameras like ours.

If anyone else happened to get this email or in their sleuthing on the Internet, happens to come across this particular card. I hope, maybe that this bit of information and breakdown can guide you in what cards you go with and help you with the success and avoid any errors on your SD cards.

If anyone happens to have any pictures, feel free to throw a comment in here, and I’ll do my best to get you an answer.


Thanks for your research.


Samsung be taking literally the adage that “time is money!”


good catch…im on it :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using Samsung Pro Endurance 128GB since at least 2021, Only cards I put in my cameras (since then), have yet to have one card fail.
/edit - and I’m running about 30 plus cameras.
Now I just bought a phone to replace my 2020 A20 w/ 32GB of RAM w/ an a15 w/128GB RAM.
The a15 is supposed to handle 1TB cards.
SO, question -
Since Samsung
Doesn’t make a 1TB microSD
The largest Pro endurance is 256GB
Pro Ultimate goes to 512GB
Which would you SD card connoisseurs go with
a 256GB pro endurance
a 512GB Ultimate?
thanks in advance

Samsung says the Pro Ultimate is for phones, drones and action cams. I guess it depends what you do with your phone.
I use the 128GB and 256GB Pro Endurance cards for continuous recording in my V3 and V3 Pro cams.