SD card endurance/longevity on continuous write

After I have 5 pan cams for over a year, I am finally using a sd card for local recording. I am using a regular non high endurance Patriot class 10 64 gb sdxc card in the one of the cam to see how well it works. I calculated at HD resolution and continuous recording more it will have just under 8 days of video. By the way, I formatted it to FAT32 and I do not have a problem with it working it the cam.

I am wondering how long it last before it failed since they sd card has a finite number of write cycles. I am looking at buy either Scandisk high endurance card or the Samsung endurance pro. Have anyone tried one of these cards? There a couple of other companies also have high endurance cards, I think Kingston and Transend also make them. There supposed to have guarantee number continuous hours write or total write capacity before they failed.

I will love to hear from anyone tried any of these cards and also anyone has regular card failed with continuous write after so many days/hours.

I have 2- 32 gig regular SD cards in my pan cams doing continuous recording. They have been working OK since October 2018.

Your results may vary because they are both mounted under the eaves outside in Colorado and have gone through several blizzards.

They are Cloudisk from Amazon Class 10 and cost $12.99 for the pair.

Thanks, good to know the regular ones lasted for a while. I just ordered five 64 GB Western Digital Purple cards directly from Western Digital store directly. They are supposed to be high endurance and they ended up being $12 a piece after tax, 10% off and free shipping.