What SD Card Are You Using For 24/7 Recording?

I know that high-endurance SD cards are the go-to for continuous recording, but does anyone have any specific brand/make recommendations for the Wyze Cam V3?

I picked up a 256GB Samsung Pro Endurance in late November 2023. Initially, once it got full, it would stop recording and act like an unformatted card with 0G/0G, and the playback feed would be empty/erased/gone.

So, I followed a tip on here to format on a PC first (exFAT), then format in the camera app, and that seemed to do the trick for a little bit—once it got full, it continued to record and overwrite starting at the beginning, like it’s supposed to. But then yesterday, it barfed again once again and showed 0G/0G.

On paper, the Samsung Pro Endurance should fit the bill, being a high-endurance, Class 10 card rated “to last up to 140K hours of recording.” Not sure what to try next. Whole point of investing in this cam and card was for 24/7 recording, in the wake of someone hitting my parked car and causing a few grand in damage.

Appreciate any tips!

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I use Samsung Pro Endurance and have not had any issues.

I’ve been using SanDisk High Endurance cards for years.
Your issue with not overwriting does not sound like a card issue (at least not directly). That sounds more like a camera issue.

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Every camera I own has one of these.

Using a regular SD card is not recommended because they are for intermittent use, like point and shoot cameras.

I had a standard SanDisk SD card fail in a dash cam. SanDisk refused the warranty claim when they found out it was in a dash cam.

I’ve been using the Samsung Pro Endurance 256GB cards in my V3 Pro and the V4 with no issues. I have had 12GB cards in all my V3 cams for well over a year or so, continuous recording without issues.

I think this is related to this OG Fix-it-Friday submission:

I reported on it in more detail in the previous month here:

But it didn’t get enough other people to agree that it was their biggest high impact issue last month so another issue got priority for weekly updates.

I believe Wyze is aware of it and working on it anyway. Some people are reporting the SD card button is no longer greyed out for them but they are still having some playback issues.

I’m pretty sure your above issues are related to this bug.

But to answer the question, I have more than a dozen of those same Samsung Pro Endurance cards and they all work great in all my other cams (I’m not currently actively using an OG though, so I’m pretty sure it’s the OG that is the problem at the moment).

Thanks for the heads up; I added a like to the pile.

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I’ve been using SanDisk Extreme 256 GB cards (SDSQXAV-256G-GN6MA) without any apparent problems. My oldest Wyze camera is just over a year in continuous use, and all of my Wyze cameras are indoors (except for the Video Doorbell v2 I installed last year), so take my answer with a grain of salt.

Given what I’ve read in the Forum, I’ll probably look into high endurance options if a current card fails. Thanks for starting this topic, @One4yu2c, and thanks to all who have taken the time to make recommendations!

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I wouldn’t use one of these

It’s just a typo of Samsung, That counterfeiter must of had a defective keyboard. :rofl: :rofl:

I think it’s actually an intentional misspelling which gives them some room on some platforms to argue they shouldn’t be removed, while still suckering a lot of people, particularly p
Preying on people with any degree of dyslexia, and even ADHD. I’ve actually seen that brand all over the place. The cards fail quickly.

They’re actually cards? I assumed this was a joke when I saw it.

Oh, I’m sure they’re basically scams. But there are a lot of scam cards that technically work at first. They often fail quickly &/or lie about the space.

I bought two on AliExpress for a joke. They were 97 cents. Have an old laptop that recognized it as 2 terabytes. I loaded about a gig of junk videos and windows explorer said there was about 1900 gig left.

I wouldn’t trust it for anything more than a joke.

Ah, so I’m safe to stick with my initial assumption. :+1: