V3 SD card stopped looping, could not even view playback

Weird situation. I check playback at least every few days out of habit. I keep the camera on continuous recording, same as my V2.

Recently, on my V3, I had a message that there were no recordings when I selected playback. I scrolled back through the time-line, still nothing. I had to eject the card and insert it again just to reformat it.

This has never happened on the V2.

Even with my old dashcam, I have had to reformat cards after they stopped looping. But, I could at least access the footage on the card.

What type of card is it? I had some cards go bad in the past, but not since I switched to high endurance cards for all my cams, especially for continuous recording.

@dr.know and @Bam are the go tos for sd card knowledge. :slight_smile:

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I am very familiar with and using the the correct cards. I’ve run into this with lesser expensive cams, especially dashcams which are exposed to more heat.

I had the same card on my WCO and never had it “freeze” up on me.

Hi @isaiah58 Eventually the cards just wear out. It should be possible to read the card on a workstation but may not be able to write to it.

You might try a Full Format which will clear the partition, rebuild file system, volume label, and cluster size, and scans partition for logical bad sectors and maps them out. This only works until the card can not even be read.

Here is a link to additional information on uSD Cards High Endurance Cards

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I don’t think there is really a “correct” card, more like “best, better and ok” style of ranking. For whatever type of card it is, the WCO uses the card differently than any other camera due to the WCO not having continuous recording. The constant write cycle of continuous can wear down a card that’s not made for that purpose.

Thanks @dr.know for the help!

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I’m addition to @dr.know’s info on HE cards, there is an Industry Standard Format Program which you might or might not know about.
I use this instead of my laptop formatter or the cam formatter for every card I get before it ever goes into a cam and rarely have card problems.


I appreciate the additional advice and information.

I use the SanDisk Utra cards. These are equal to if not better than the Wyze sd card.

IMHO, the vast majority of people using Wyze cameras will expect the devices to perform as designed. Including using the manufacturers recommend sd card (or equivalent) and following the manufacturers instructions on formatting the card through the camera.

Very few people will spend as much, or more, than the camera costs on an endurance card.

The same 32gb sd card in my V2 has been continuously recording for several years now. The original Wyze card was not as reliable.

I use the Wyze card in my WCO now

More than likely the card is the culprit. That particular model of SanDisk card is not made for video recording and something like this. Sadly it even voids their warranty. You mentioned that it’s equal to the Wyze cards. I am quite inclined to agree with you there but sadly I must admit the Wyze cards aren’t the best ones for video recording either as they aren’t high endurance which are designed and manufactured for video recording like this. I have spoken with someone at the company about this particular issue but so far especially with the supply chain snafu that’s going on I doubt there will be much movement there.

As some have stated above your best bet is to go with a high endurance card. I’ve been running Samsung pro endurance cards in nearly all of my cameras and have yet to have one have any issue like this with looping or errors. And as an informal unofficial rule of thumb it is good for cards to be formatted every few months if they’re filled up quite a bit.

As to your statement of success with the same card in other cameras, the only reasonable facsimile I could stay there would be wearing your seatbelt today and not getting in the crash means you won’t get in a crash tomorrow :wink:

Hopefully you can get that card working again but your best bet is to upgrade and go with a high endurance card


I agree about both the SanDisk Ultra and Wyze cards. Very high failure rate when used in continuous recording mode in cameras. I have been using the SanDisk High Endurance cards for several years and have yet to have fail.



I am probably going to jinx myself but I have 18 cams that contain SD cards recording continuous, a mixture of Pan, v2, and v3. There are 10 SanDisk, 5 Wyze and 3 other off the wall brands. The oldest have been going since the v2 started. I have had zero failures yet and none are high endurance they are all 32 GB cards.


Amazon has great pricing on the Samsung Pro Endurance. Guess I will get a couple of them


Apparently your mileage varies. I also use the SanDisk Ultra card but have lost a number of them when the cameras they served malfunctioned. The camera refuses to write to, read from, or format the card making it useless for me and the card refuses to function even in a desktop PC. A lose lose scenario. Most of these were under 18 months service inside a climate controlled home.

The High Endurance Cards are made for continuous video recording.
At the end of a memory’s life they usually are read-only.