V3 Killing SD Cards

I needed to view a playback on my V3 however when I tried viewing it said no Card. it had a card, and I viewed playback a few weeks ago. I reinstalled it and still no card. I put a new (working on computer) card in and tried format I got format failed . I tried again. same thing. I tried anopther new card, same thing, I pulled a card from a camera that was working and tried a format same thing. I put each of those cards in a reader and plugged into the computer- all are now no good, 3 wouldnt even work at all and 1 showed 7 gig. These cards are PNY, Samsung, and Sandisk.
Any ideas how to fix Both the V3 and/or how to recover the SD cards?

Also Dont you think if a card failed while in the camera the app would have some kind of notice/warning? even it was only a small red X in the corner of the video.

That is weird that you are having so many problems with SD cards. I use Samsung and Sandisk in 40 cameras many of them V3’s and have had some running for 3 years. I haven’t experienced this.

For recovering the cards, you could try to repair them with a scan. Sometimes it will ask you if you want to scan and repair it when you first put it in, otherwise you can open an explorer window, right click on the drive with the SD card, select properties, tools, error checking, then Repair Drive. This should help fix it. Then format it again.

One thing you might want to try instead of regular microSD cards is buying a “high endurance” micro sd card. Those are made for extreme constant use of security cameras.

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Thanks, but 2 of those had been in that camera and another for a couple years, the other 2 as I mentioned were new. The sandisk was ( and apeears to be no longer) the higher endurance. Which is why I’m at a loss. I cant see how its the cards. Not 4 of them. It some how must be the camera hardware or something weird with the formatting.
Currently I cant even get the computer to recognize the 3 cards as even existing to do anything with them, the 4th ( showing 7 gig for a 16gig card) I will try the repair drive on.

I’ve observed the same thing in 3 v3 cameras recently. Also noticed there are 2 different firmware versions on my various v3 cameras. We’re the memory cards you had failures on 64gb or larger?

I am having the same issue even in my V2.

The tin foil hat in me thinks they disabled SD card playback. I can see the events fine, but when I go to view it on the SD card through the app like I always do, its says there is nothing.

Formatting didn’t help, I rebooted and it will work for a little bit but its not reliable.

Are these standard SD cards or High Endurance?

I had several SanDisk SD cards fail, so I called support. Once they found out they were in Wyze cameras, they declined the warranty. I asked why, and they said the regular cards are meant for intermittent access, like a point and shoot cameras. He said even dash cams continually write to the SD card.
Once I bit the bullet and bought new High Endurance cards for my many cameras, I have not had a failure.

:raccoon: :raccoon: Recommended. Of course the Possums like SanDisk High Endurance cards.

the Original one that failed was a 32, The new high performance was a 32, the one from another camera that was working when I pulled it and immediately put it in this camera was a 128 and another New card was a 64 - And just to review, these cards are failing as soon as I try to format them in the camera, it says “formatting” for a little bit then Format failed and then the card is Dead, even when moved to a computer.