Cam v3 “no micro sd installed”

Been having this problem for the past week. I’ve been using my 128gb sd card fine for the first 3 weeks since I inserted it and now after a restart last week it doesn’t recognize it anymore. Not sure what else to do.

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Still having this problem. Any solutions?

Did you try a smaller card like 32GB, or 64GB. I know they have stated that the exFAT cards should work with a V3 and many people here have used them but I have not, Still using a 64GB card formatted to FAT32. Maybe your card is defective?? Was it a high endurance card?
My V3 tells me no card sometimes when I go to playback. I just force close the app, start it back up and back in business, also clear the app cache frequently.

Same thing just started happening to me.