No playback

I have 2 v2 cameras, both will not playback from my SD card, it says trying to connect, but live stream is working. So frustrating

Yeah I gave up on SD cards working with Wyze cams. Constant loss of functionality. Not worth the grief. Just pretend they don’t have the feature.

Others have had better luck. Lots of recommendations to use High Endurance cards and stuff…

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I’ve had good results removing the uSD card from camera and reading it on my workstation.
When I try to read uSD while monted in camera through Wyze phone app, not so much. It hangs and after repeated attempts, then says no card inserted. Power down. remove card/ re-insert, power up, no luck
After such failed attempts the uSD won’t read in computer, requires repair. Repair says: no error found, then reads fine.
Windows has scanned the file system and found no problems.
No further action is required.

There is a problem with the resorce contention where the hierarchy has not been properly defined.

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I’ve used these in all my V2’s for 8 months with no issues, and that’s baking in 117° summer heat. They record 24/7 and I get around 3.5 days on HD setting. Might be worth a try.


I don’t know about that uSD card @Hemi, its only has a 4.7/5 from 79,412 ratings. :grin:

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It is very possible that your card is developing read/write problems. There is a lot of info on continuous recording that video cards like the ones in our cams are subjected to. Standard data cards are not designed for it and develop problems, and the cards sold by Wyze aren’t High Endurance cards. I switched several of my cams months age and a number of oddball problems went away. In regard to formatting the cards, best practice is to format the card in a laptop device using the program below and the Full or Deep option which will overwrite/repair any bad tracks which the camera option will not. Here are some resources:
Info on High Endurance Cards
High Endurance Cards
Memory card formatter
Just as an added point, Wyze only supports 32gb cards, although many have reported good results with larger cards.


Can we Vote to change this?

Except firmware update

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Good points!

Can we vite to change this?
I did a quick check on #wishlist and did not see an existing topic for this. You can certainly add one, as Im sure you know. iI think it’sa great idea and will vote for it if you do.

I have heard but not yet confirmed this on item two, so I didn’t want to represent it.

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OK, added to #wishlist, under review. . .
When Wyze starts selling them, we can point to their Wyze HE solution. :cowboy_hat_face:

Be sure you go vote for your own topic! You already have one vote.

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Thanks for the info. I don’t record continuous, but it seems to be working now. Can’t figure it out.

has anyone figured the continuous recording out for sure? does formatting the sd card help? i just got a new one and before climbing up to where i have the camera and DE installing it, id like to know if a formatted sd card will work.


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Which model camera? V2 are good, some have had problem with V3.
What capacity, type uSD card? Above 32Gb some problems.
Did you verify the uSD card is formated FAT32?

If you have a Windows workstation & adaptor, check the card:

  • Check the disk with the command line C:\Windows\system32>ChkDsk X: /r Where X is the uSD card

  • Format the uSD card FAT32 and un-check the default “Quick” option so it can mask out bad cells.
    Note: The Format from the Wyze App is a Quick Format

V2 cams 32gb cards. i would have to get the card from the camera to verify formatting type. can you format the card from the wyze app without taking it out and doing on a PC?

Hi @mdwatts3 If its working don’t fix it!
Haven’t found any 32 Gb uSD cards that aren’t format in FAT32. Info:

Quick format just marks the partition as “formatted” and destroys the journal that keeps tracks of the files and their locations on hard drive. The cam does this type of format.

Full format will clear files completely from the partition, rebuild the file system, volume label, and cluster size, and scans partition for logical bad sectors; that’s why full format is slower than quick format. Wyze devices must always use the FAT32 format.

lol but its not working. i go to playback and nothing comes up as recorded. it shows lines as if it did record but nothings there. ill have to pull the card that in it, reformat on my pc and see what happens. i just got a new 32gb card yesterday as well so id like to get both my cams recording 24/7

Me, too. I can’t view playback. The card I have in this camera is the same brand and size that’s in all the others. And it’s a brand new card. And the V3 keeps freezing up. I have 4 cameras in a group and on the rest of them, the clock keeps ticking away. The V3 freezes, then catches up, then plays for a few seconds, then freezes again. I wanted to view something that happened last night but there is no playback. I get the green bar at the bottom to scroll but the image is live instead of what happened during the night. Very irritating. And I ordered another one. I wish I knew it wasn’t dependable before I did. I don’t have too many problems with the V2 but this V3 doesn’t work correctly. What good is the beautiful night vision if you can’t view what happened when you need it.