About the SD card

My Wyze cam v3 is not recognizing my SD card. I shouldn’t have to format it all the time.Does anybody here has same problem?

Are you able to view SD card playback from the Home tab? There is an error/bug with some v3 cameras when trying to view SD card Playback from Events.

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uSD cards and card readers can both fail. In fact the cards are almost guaranteed to eventually fail. Out of my about 50 Wyze cameras, I have had one or two that the card readers failed, and the original crappy cards I used have all failed. Even a couple of the good uSD cards have failed, but the High Endurance cards last far longer.
Note, that at least in the old days, the Wyze brand uSD cards were total crap. Many reports of them failing quickly. I only bought a few, but they all failed in less than six months. I hope their current offerings are better, but I don’t use the Wyze branded uSD cards at all anymore.

I shouldn’t have to factory restore my SD card to get it going again,I baught the 128 GB Wyze card,so why is it giving me problems?

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