Wyze cam OG suddenly not recognizing SD card?

I have 2 OG’s and both have now stopped recognizing the SD card that has been inserted since they were set up. One rejected prior to the latest firmware update and the second a couple days after the update. Its requesting to be formatted but when i try, it tells me ‘operation failed’. Is it the cams themselves or do i need to try another sd card?

uSD cards do die - especially if being used for continuous write operation. Try the cards in a computer. Also try a known good card in the cameras.

Same issue on my OG cam. Sd card worked fine and then stopped working. Formatting from app fails. If I Restart the camera from app and then format sd card from app, it works fine for a week before the issue reappears. Never had this issue on V2.

Most likely that uSD card is on it’s last legs. It is failing enough that the camera detects it as failed. When you restart the camera, it resets that, but then detects that the uSD card is failing.
Replace the card.