32GB MicroSDHC Card Class 10

Anybody looking a MicroSD cards?

Available now: https://www.wyzecam.com/product/32gb-microsdhc-card/


I’m sure a lot of users will desire to do “continuous recording” of HD video on their microSD cards. And, since you are now selling this microSD card, AND, now that I’m familiar with the app and the cameras, … I propose that yall run some tests on some V2s to specify how many days of HD “continuous recordings” can be expected to be available to view w/in the app.

Will your 32GB card be able to “continuously record” in HD all day today, and, also have yesterday available to view as well?

I realize your marketing states “32GB MicroSD card will hold approximately 2 days of HD video”, but to my understanding, there is a significant difference between less than 2 days, and, greater than 2 days.

Your marketing message could state something to the effect of … “Will allow playback viewing of all of today, plus n previous days of HD continuous recording”.


It’s going to vary A LOT depending on activity.

I just looked at one of my cameras that has a 32 GB uSD card installed. It is recording in HD and as of right now (3:40 PM on Friday May 25th), I have recordings going back to midnight at the beginning of the 23rd. Right now I’m showing 7.76 GB of free space. So I have 63.66 hours on the card and roughly a quarter of the card free. That would tell me that sometime earlier today the card filled and the camera deleted the files for the 22nd. Based on that, it will again fill up sometime Saturday morning and will then delete the files for the 23rd. This camera is currently looking out a window on the front of my house. The street is fairly quiet, but the flags and trees moves around quite a bit if the wind is blowing. Once it gets dark, my landscape lighting slight show starts and colors are constantly changing.