Time lapse footage?

I’m trying to record very long timelapses. It allows me to set about a month long timelapse. After about a week, if I stop it and download it to the album, it only shows 1 or 2 day/night cycles. Where’s the rest of the timlapse, and why isn’t it saving the full length I recorded? Seems the files are locked to 1.9gb size for some reason?

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What is the app showing as the remaining unwritten capacity of the SD Card in the Advanced Settings?

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I’ve used 91/238gb. It’s a 256gb micro SD card.

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There does appear to be enough space left then. That disproves theory #1.

Have you taken a look at the Timelapse folder on the SD Card? Is it that (A) the cam stops recording and saving snapshots to the Timelapse folder; or (B) that the app is failing to upload and compile all the Timelapse snapshots when building the Timelapse Video?

Just thought of something really important!

What Firmware are you running on the V3?

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Yea, I believe it’s capped at 90gb if not on the FW that fixes that, so probably the issue in question.

Flashing FW is your best bet

That’s why I asked the question. Just waiting on the OP response first.