Timelapse No longer works

I don’t get it. What did you do to the apps. I can’t record timelapse longer than 24 hours. Trying to document a weight loss journey which will take more that 24 hours. Sheesh. Every update gets worse. :frowning:

When did this start? What app/FW versions? What do you mean by “no longer works”? And what settings were you using?
I was recording time lapses of several days with 10 second frame spacing in SD mode. If they get too big I have problems downloading.

We used to be able to do timelapse of seasons which is longer than 3 months or even 24 hours. I’m on latest firmware for V3s and want only a small clip each day for 6 months. I have a 32 gig. But I know someone with bigger SD card and same thing.