Timelapse not working correctly

So I purchased a Wyze Cam v2, to do some timelapse footage capturing in my growtent. The application is SIMPLE, love it! BUT ITS NOT WORKING. -_- this happened twice…

but recently on APRIL 28th

I set my timelapse to capture a image, every 2 hours from start to finish at 5/17/21 12am,

and what it did instead was… capture an image every 3 minutes and ending about 24hrs later. about 2 gigs.

Its not working correctly, How do I fix this issue? is the issue addressed in v3?

yeah, there seem to be a few things wrong here. there should be no way that amount of picture would be that big of a file if I’m reading that correctly.

what type of SD card are you using and by chance where did you read the file size from?

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I’d troubleshoot by taking smaller time lapses, set for a short time span to test. And before starting the time-lapse, take a screenshot of the settings then compair to the end file that is created.

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be aware that for some reason sometimes screenshotting can reset your time-lapse settings. I’m not sure how or why it happens. I haven’t tried it on android 11 yet but it was known on older versions so be aware of that and make sure you have your settings correct after you screen shot them.

edit; whoopsie, replied to @Omgitstony :slight_smile:

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Haven’t experienced that, thanks for the info!

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What versions of the app and FW?