A multitude of timelaspse errors

I have been trying to get the timelapse function to work for about a week.

Sometimes the time lapse would randomly stop after just a few hours

Formated the card. Started a new timelaspe and it finished, but attempting to download the file did nothing.

Put the SD card into my PC and there was a .start .end file and a .h264 file which MPCH played but the formatting was off

Tried starting a 10 minute timelaspe and same luck.

Wyzecam 2 and latest fireware update.

I had to pick android, but I dont think the phone has anything to do with this issue

what SD card are you using?

Hi, I am having issues with the time lapse too. I have a Cam Pan which I am trying to do a time lapse of 45 minute increments. Every time I check the time lapse recording it’s just recording continuously to my memory card.

I’ve stopped recording and tried different increments but nothing has worked.