No room on SD card for timelapse

We are supposed to get a bit of snow tonight so I set the time lapse on one of my OG cams. Got this message


I did the same with a v3 with no issues.

Going back to the OG, I had to format the SD card to make the time lapse message not appear.

Why doesn’t the time lapse overwrite the old recordings on the OG, but it works on the v3?

If this was discussed previously, I did not find any reference to this issue.

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Every time I set up a new Scheduled Event recording session to the SD on my **RAT WCO :angry:**v1 I get the same message but looking at the available space on the SD card I have learned it is all just BS. The cam has a 32GB card and usually only one or 2 GB has been used, a lot of space remaining.
New event videos are always recorded on the new schedule.
Tell your Pup I say Hi.

Here is another cam with .1 GB on it I just tried to set up for a test> It is all :poop: :poop:

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This is a great question. Has anyone actually had a timelapse fail from this? I agree it should just overwrite space from event recordings. Time Lapse should take space priority over event videos.