Does the OG have timelapse?

I replaced a v2 with the OG and just realized that I could not find timelapse.

Does the OG have timelapse capability?

It is on the slide menu below live view. Just slide that menu until Timelapse comes into view. :slightly_smiling_face:

You will need a SD card.


Don’t know how I didn’t see that those items could slide


Be advised there is a new recording behavior with the OG camera when doing a timelapse.
You now need to have enough free space on the SD card before initiating a TL. If not you will get a warning “Not Enough SD Card Storage” and will need to delete and/or reformat the card to free up space. This is unique to the OG camera and is not the case with any other Wyze camera.
Just another example of Wyze giving us new features and taking away others IMO.