SD Cards - what is Important?

Do you have to use Wyze brand SD cards? They don’t have a multi pack, and some brands you can get multiples cheaper that way. I have read several of these feeds, about larger cards, and where some formatting becomes an issue. What is really important?

Thanks in advance!

Nope, those are just an option. High endurance cards I believe are essential. Those are made to be able to support more write and overwrite cycles than normal cards, and are made for security type installs. Wyze supports officially cards up to 32 gigs in their cameras, but at our own risk many have used bigger cards.

If you really want to know all about sd cards, ask @Bam , forum sd card master. :slight_smile:


High Endurance SD cards for the win.

Do Not Buy the Wyze SD cards, I learned the hard way.
Have over a dozen corrupted Wyze brand cards that will not format on PC, camera or SD formatting app.

Never lost a high-endurance SD card yet


Yep, High Endurance cards. I am using SanDisk 64GB class 10 cards in all 28 cameras.

Avoid the Wyze cards. Only bought a few, but they did not last more than a few months.


Hi @jennalbeane,
I totally agree on the HE cards being the way to go. I switched long again and a lot of issues created. Here is a collection of links with info to HE cards and and the recommended formatting in case you want to read up.
High Endurance Cards

SD Card Association Memory Card Formatter

Info on High Endurance Cards


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tag me in if you have any need for extreme nerd knowledge when it comes to SD cards lol


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you are correct…I just got to the party a little late

one diatribe 2 years ago about High endurance SD cards was all it took. but I would say it has led to a plus for the entire community…

now I just need to talk to certain developers at Wyze again at some point in the future :slight_smile:


Thank you all! You saved me time and money it sounds like! @Bam I have so much I could say to them! We have 9 camera and love Wyze! But we are switching from SimpliSafe for compatibility reasons, as well as they are getting out of date in comparison to what is on the market now. But there is a lot Wyze could do to catch up! I am giving up a few things as well. I have smoke alarms, glass break sensors, panic alarms, and water sensors, just to name a few, Luckily another user saved me on the door chime thing, and showed me how to do that through Alexa! I am a google home user now, so I hate put Alexa in a box. My hope is that Wyze will catch up! I haven’t put the door lock and key pad on yet. So that will be my next forum post! Lol

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I have 4 Wyze V2 cams and use SANS Ultra’s in all them and have zero issues. Today I received and tried setting up my 5th new V2 cam (that came with Wyze SD card). Nothing but problems. Switched SD cards with good working cam only have the problem reverse. Something not right with those Wyze SD cards. Off to get a non Wyze one. If It hadn’t come with the camera, I would have bought another SANS and avoided this issue. Lesson learned.
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Hi Bam. Just looking for a SD card I can use above 32GB. I have it on for continuous recording, but only get three days worth, like advertised. But what if I want to see who broke into my garage last week? Is there a specific card you can recommend?

definitely. being the forum card nerd I have done quite a bit of research on the topic. I personally am yet to have a card fail and I have called on both the maven team and the mods to keep eyes out for any failures of the cards we generally recommend. so far so good a couple of years strong now.

most members on the forum use Samsung pro endurance cards going frm our recommendations. they are great quality and reasonably priced and you can get them in a multitude of sizes. one thing you will want to do if you choose to go bigger than the supported size is search the forums for the terms exfat and fat32 if you are not familiar with formatting. in order to use a bigger card you have to change the actual format of the card which can be done on a pc ( not in the camera itself)

there are a few threads on it that are far more eloquently worded than I would do it justice. but as I am in decisive I will leave the search to you as there are a couple to choose from :slight_smile:

I hope this little tidbit of info helps, this is the type of question I love as it sparks my nerdery for something I know quite a bit about. :innocent:

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Thank you. I will have to research formatting you referenced. I had put in a 256GB card in the camera and selected format and I received no errors, but it will not record anything.

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yup. its in the wrong format thus the reason it wont read.

I’ll see if I cant find a couple posts and you can take your pick

actually here is one of the posts I had in mind.

@carverofchoice did a stunning job of detailing what the differences are and how/why they are what they are. even included is a link to a formatter you can use. this post is the complete package!

@carverofchoice does it YET AGAIN!

@clintshere give this a read and throw out any questions you might have. this a great post for learning.

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I will give that a try. Thank you for your help!

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it’s what we do. :slight_smile: glad to help

oh hey, on the samsung cards. your best bet for finding them is amazon. I haven’t found any stores that carry them. I forgot to include that.

I think I have a few on the way to day actually. thanks for the reminder

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