What size micro SD card will fit my Wyze cam (ver. 2)?

Good morning and happy final day of 2020. It took me some time to realize the benefits of adding a card in my camera. Which card do you recommend and is there a max size? Any help is certainly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Happy New Year to everyone and may you all be blessed in the new year. Keep making cool stuff!!

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There is a lot of info available on continuous recording on video cards like the ones in our cams. Standard data cards are not designed for it and develop problems, and the cards sold by Wyze aren’t High Endurance cards. I switched several of my cams months age and a number of oddball problems went away. In regard to formatting the cards, best practice is to format the card in a laptop device using the program below and the Full or Deep option which will overwrite/repair any bad tracks which the camera option will not. Here are some resources:
Info on High Endurance Cards
High Endurance Cards
Memory card formatter
The maximum size supported by Wyze for cards is 32 GB however other users have reported success in using larger cards. It depends on your comfort level and your needs. Personally I have stayed with 32 and have had no real need for any longer time period for continuous recording. The amount of time you actually get on one card will depend on factors like your resolution and recording settings and whether you use continuous or event only recording.


I have 64gb cards in mine, they came pre formated to exFAT and worked right out of the package.

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