128GB Micro USB

Has anyone else had trouble with 128GB Micro USB cards? I know Wyze states they don’t support 128GB; however, it seemed that some people here have had success. I have a Camv2 and Camv3 with 128GB cards and they seem to work for a few hours, and then stop recording.

Formatted them on the computer before using, and when that stopped working I decided to try to format in the camera. That had similar results.

Firmware in both cameras are up to date. Any thoughts would be helpful!

Purchased Gigastone 128GB Micro SD Cards, UHS-I V30 Class 10.

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Not sure where you saw that. Wyze sells them, along with 256GB cards:

I am running 256GB High Endurance cards without any issues in PanV1, V3, V3Pro, PanV3, and OG cams. The cams support both exFat and FAT32 formatted cards.

Have you tried a different brand? Some cards are just not made to last. I will only use cards specifically designed as High Endurance.

I have several bargain brands that failed early. I have some Gigastone 32GB, but the cams hated them when trying to flash firmware so I only use Samsung for that.

I use 128GB SanDisk Ultra cards in more than 2 dozen cams. Then I have varying sizes in others, including 32, 64, 256, 400, 512GB in various cameras, and some have high endurance, but most aren’t. Most are SanDisk Ultra, a few are Samsung, a couple are Amazon Basics, some are Wyze cards. All work fine.

I suppose I may have been going off old Wyze information.

Thank you both for the help, I think I’ll just have to look specifically for a High Endurance card.