What is the Largest Memory size you put in your Wyze Cam V2?

Wyze is only selling a 32GB micro SD card. Is this because the camera limit is 32GB or can I put a larger memory? What is the largest memory that you put in and does Wyze Cam recognize it and use the full size?

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The camera support up to 32 GB but I have put a 64 GB SD card in my camera and it works but it is hit and miss sometimes the SD cards won’t work if they are higher than 32 GB so I suggest that you get Samsung hi endurance 32 GB microSD cards or you could buy the SD cards from Waze themselves they are guaranteed to work with their cameras

I use 64 GB cards. I format them on my PC before inserting them into the cameras.

The short answer is that yes, you can use larger cards, but you’re technically doing so at your own risk. Wyze only “supports” cards up to 32GB, so if you run into problems, they won’t back it up with guarantees. Wyze cam only supports FAT32, and cards larger than 32GB are apparently formatted differently when they’re made. Plenty of people have formatted larger cards to FAT32 and used them successfully, but I guess Wyze has run into some level of failure in their internal testing.

My understanding is that some larger cards work just fine if you format them correctly, but some may cause problems, so Wyze can’t really give you any guarantees based on hardware that isn’t their own. I’m sure @Bam can chime in here. He’s our resident MicroSD geek. He may be able to direct you to the best cards that have worked in his experience.


The one thing I have not been able to do with a larger SD card is flash the firmware from the SD card, I have always had to use a 32 GB card for doing that


Someone reported success a while ago formatting a larger card w/2 partitions, one of 32GB.

I never thought of doing that

I’m running 11 v2 cams. 10 are recording “events only” using Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB cards. 1 is recording “continuous” using a Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB card. All cards were formatted in cam via the Wyze app. All use the full size and have been performing flawlessly. Not sure what the actual max size is, but the “overwrite old events when card is full” functionality does work.

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Both my cams I installed yesterday have 64gb Samsung pro endurance cards installed.

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I use these but I heard of someone couple days ago successfully using a 400 GB card , if that card will continue to work properly, I don’t know, but the ones I use I don’t have any problems with

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I installed and setup 6 Wyze cams less than two weeks ago. I installed 64GB MicroSD cards on 5 of them and so far they are working just fine. I simply inserted the cards onto each cam, went into the settings and set local recording on events only, All cards showed 58GB of available storage space. I want to see how they perform and how many weeks go by before the storage space runs out and new footage starts being written over past footage.

I went with MicroCenter MicroSD cards. They tend to be cheaper than the big brands such as Samsung, SanDisk, ect but I feel they perform just as good. I’ve used MicroCenter brand flash cards and USB flash drives in the past and have no complaints. None have failed on me yet.

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Just curious why you want to have that much storage? What do you use your camera’s for?

I have 12 cameras and all of them have the Samsung 128 gig endurance pro card that I bought from amazon. Have not had a problem at all with any of them. They record weeks of video on them. Wish the viewer in the app was better to view without having to remove the card. I’ve had them for several months. I don’t think I even had to format them. I think I just put them in the camera and they started recording.

Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB 100MB/s (U1) MicroSDXC Memory Card with Adapter (MB-MJ128GA/AM)


Wow that amazing…

Is there a way to see how much space is available on your microSD card?

Single Cam View → Settings (gear icon) → Advanced Settings → Local Storage → SD card memory available

If everything is working properly it will begin overwriting itself when it fill up.