SD card included with kit Model # WYZEC2MSD32?

New to the Wyze camera system. I’m reading that if you want continuous recording you should get a endurance SD card. Wondering how the include card quality is as it comes straight from Wyze. I mean do they rate this for continuous recording or do they say somewhere that this card should only be used with “record events only”?


The WYZE SD card is NOT an high endurance card. Some people have had better luck with high endurance over regular but I don’t believe there is any actual statement by WYZE that you need to use high endurance. I feel the advantage with a WYZE card is the warramty. They will replace it if it goes bad in the warranty period.


The endurance cards I have bought are only rated for 2 years, but I believe they are built to last beyond what they promise.

I didn’t buy a Wyze card on my first camera almost a year and a half ago, but it wasn’t endurance either. No failure yet.

My first Wyze card was only 6 months ago, so not enough time on that yet.

Of my 6 non-endurance cards, none have failed yet. I do continuous record on all my cards.

Endurance cards are completely affordable, so if you are concerned, buy them. Four out of 6 of my cams have standard Wyze cards, though.


Would you think its a better card than the 32gb class 10 samsung or scandisk cards that sell for 6-7 dollars on Amazon.

I do events only on the SD cards but I have 5 of these 16 months old , never had a problem with them.