"Wyze SD card is not available"

My Wyze Cam 2 was ordered with an SD card which I have had installed for some time. Recently I tried to access footage and was given the message “Wyze SD card is not available”. I removed and replaced the card but the message remained the same. What might be the matter?

Followup to my original post:
I went into the app for the Cam and the “Record to MicroSD Card” slider will not stay in the “green” position. When I go to “Manage MicroSD Card” the message is “No microSD card found”

How old is the card, what size is it, and are you recording continuously?
Flash memory (which includes uSD cards) have a finite number of write cycles. If you are recording continuously (as I do), you are eating write cycles. With smaller card size, each byte is being overwritten more often. Low quality cards will fail sooner than high quality cards that are designed for heavy duty use. If you got the Wyze branded card with your camera, those cards are NOT High Endurance cards and many of us (including me) have seen very low life span of the cards. These are the cards I am using: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01G2BRXL4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
This particular order included a uSD card USB reader which is very handy, but you can also get the same cards without the card reader. I have 32 operational Wyze cameras and almost all of them have this card - NONE have failed. Some are about 3 years old and all of my cameras are set for continuous write to teh uSD card.

Thank you, K6CCC.
This unit was purchased in September 2018 with the 32GB card Wyze offered.
Yes I left the camera on continuous record to the card, so I guess the card met its end.
I was not aware that the Cam would work with higher than the 32GB card.
The Amazon price of 2 for $27.50 is not much greater than the cards Wyze offers.
What does the “Adapter” (pictured in description) do and how is it different from the “Stromboli Memory Card Reader” (mentioned in description but not included).

If you got three years out of a Wyze branded card, you did VERY well!

In the link I posted, the “adapter” is the almost normal uSD to SD card adapter so that you can plug a uSD card into a SD card slot (such as on your computer).
The card reader is included. I suspect that you misunderstood the description. “Everything But Stromboli” is the brand name for the card reader (hence the “ebs” logo on the reader). The card reader takes a uSD card on one end and plugs into a standard USB slot on the other. Works great if you don’t have a SD or uSD card slot in your computer (or it died as in my case). I have three of the ebs card readers and they work very well. Because they are uSD only, they are quite small. I keep one on my desk at home, and one in my pocket. About the only negative with the ebs uSD card reader is that when the uSD card is fully inserted into the reader, there is not much of the uSD card exposed, With my fat fingers and very short fingernails, it can be hard to grab the back end of the uSD card to remove it from the reader. I often use small needle nosed pliers for the purpose. If you have fingernails, it would be easy.