Supported SD Cards?

I am looking at getting my first Wyze cam and I am just wondering what sd card manufactures will work with no issues and which ones to stay away from. I want to order from Amazon and have it delivered via Prime along with the camera and the Wyze sd card wont, since it will take about a week longer to get here.

Make sure you get a class 10 32GB card from a major manufacturer. Either of these will work:

There is some thought that the constant writing will wear these cards out prematurely and you should get a high endurance card. These are more expensive but should last longer. Perhaps go that way if the SD recording is really critical. A couple examples:


FWIW this is the card I have in mine (SanDisk 64GB High-Endurance, $30):


It’s unclear how the high-endurance ratings are measured, but it appears it’s mostly derived from the number of times a particular block is written to. The card above is rated for 10,000 hours (416 days) of 1080p video @ 26Mbps, so it should theoretically be able to handle lower bitrate video from Wyze Cam v2 (~1Mbps) up to 260,000 hours (~29 years). In reality the 2-year warranty from SanDisk should give you an idea how long they expect the cards to last without failure, and we’ll probably be upgrading to 1TB microSD cards by that point :wink:

Can the camera handle a larger GB card?

Lots of people are using larger than 32GB cards although it is not officially supported. Sometimes there are issues getting it formatted properly, but it seems most people get them working eventually.

I have also used a SanDisk ULTRA 64GB and it works well… The camera can format it and is using the SD card for storage, no problems…