SD Card for Wyze Cam V3

Picked up a couple of the Wyze Cam V3 cameras late last night at home depot on the way home. Now need to pick up the SD cards to test setting them up. Saw you can order them from Wyze but trying to pick one up at local walmart to try this afternoon.
In stock it shows they have a Sandisk 32GB Imagemate, would it work? Here is the link. Thanks

Those will definitely work.

I use Sandisk cards in MOST of my cameras and they have lasted for years. I haven’t specifically used the Imagemate line, but I am sure it is basically the same.

Just an FYI, SanDisk warranty does not apply to using their cards in a security camera like this unless you have a card that says “High Endurance” so don’t count on the warranty…but as I said, most of my Sandisk cards have been running like champs for years anyway.


Highly recommend the High Endurance cards - essentially all of my cameras use them.


Thanks, it was the only one they had in stock that matched all the symbols etc. on the front of the Wyze 32GB card in the image on the Wyze web site.