Wyze Cam V3 Storage Minimum Max? V2 was 32gigs. Is V3 128 gigs?

I was wondering if there are parameters set for the minimum and max amount of memory set for the micro sd card? I assume because there are more bandwidth and color that the increase in memory is also warranted? am I correct in assuming this? So can we put a 64gig micro SD card and if so will it benefit our camera and the longevity of the recording? how about 128gig? and what type of Micro SD will it accept since now there are certain types in today’s market.

I read the specs and am pretty sure it’s still listed at 32 GB for the V3. Apparently small device makers really want to make sure you stick to FAT32. (Yes it can support higher sizes but not by default for Windows; long story.)

The official number is 32GB - same as the V2. With that said, lots of us are using larger cards. I am using 64GB cards in all 19 of my Wyze cameras. Just for a test, I just stuck a 128GB card that I normally use in my drone into one of my spare V2 cameras that is sitting on my desk. The camera under local storage is correctly showing 118.37 GB available out of 119.05 total SD card space. [pause a couple minutes]. Now that it has had a couple minutes to record some video, I can successfully play back the video from a couple minutes ago.

Note that this camera has been flashed for RTSP - although I doubt that would change uSD card capability.

Also note, that if you are going to flash firmware into the camera, it MUST be no larger than 32GB.

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