Continuous record stopped working on V3 cam, SD card shows 1.0M/46.0M

Since upgrading one V3 camera from to, the continuous record feature has stopped working. Before the upgrade the 256GB SD card (Samsung MicroSDXC U3) was almost full at 230.55G/238.6G. After the upgrade it shows 1.0M/46.0M and a message that new videos overwrite the oldest.

Maybe it is just a coincidence that this happened when the firmware updated? If anyone else here is using continuous record then can you please check your card’s settings to see if they are reported correctly?



The other V3 camera I have is using firmware and it has the same brand SD card (I ordered them together) and it does not have this problem. That camera’s SD card shows 163.67G/238.6G.

Wyze cams randomly corrupt SD cards, been a issue for some time.

Reformat the card on a computer to fix size reported in Whyze App.

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v3 running with 128GB card. Continuous recording is working fine:

v3 Pro running with 256GB card. Continuous recording is working fine:

My other cams (Cam v2, Cam Pan v2, Cam Pan v3, etc.) are all running latest firmware and are also recording continuously with Samsung Pro Endurance 128GB and 256GB cards and I see no gaps or other errors.

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I have 15 V3 cameras currently powered up. Two have RTSP firmware and one does not have a uSD card installed, but the other 12 have uSD cards and firmware. All 14 cameras with uSD cards are doing uSD playback OK, and the uSD card size is as expected - most are 64GB cards.

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Thanks everyone. I formatted the card via the app and it’s working again.