Latest firmware update broke basically everything - event, continuous recording

Updated firmware to maybe a few days ago, and when I went into my camera’s settings tonight to check footage, I saw the following:

  1. Event recording had been toggled off for both motion and sound. I have never turned that off for any camera whatsoever, and I certainly hadn’t in the past week.
  2. Continuous recording had stopped working. In the SD card settings, it showed 0/27M, so I formatted and now it says 0/30 GB or whatever it should. I’m monitoring to make sure continuous recording is back and working.

The Wyze dev team needs to get their act together - I would be okay with or even accept these kinds of bugs if the service was free, but I’m paying for Cam Plus and this is the third time that these cameras have let me down now.

As a side note, I still have a broken wireless camera + hub, and support did nothing to try to resolve it other than send me a broken replacement hub. “It’s a known bug, sorry!” was their response when I couldn’t get them to re-pair.

I agree. Cameras were all working, sending event notifications after dark and now alert every time a dog barks.
I can turn off motion but not sound. Some cameras do not recognize name brand SD cards.

Is this fixed? Seeing this issue all over the community.

Is what fixed? Continuous recording works for me on two V3 cams, firmware
I put this 128GB card in the cam Thursday afternoon.

After formatting a card, mine records for abt 10 minutes, crashes, and never records events or continuous again.

It will record manual movies and photos but will not record Timelapses either.