After firmware update, continuously only, no events

I’ve restarted, reformatted, still only records continuously, no events.

Are you talking about the SD card? Make sure it’s set to event only in the cams settings > advanced settings.


It is important to know if you are referring to Motion Activated SD Recording versus Continuous SD Recording, as @IEatBeans indicated above, that is only accessed thru the Playback icon that looks like the SD card or the Playback Bar in Live View…

Or you are talking about Event Videos that show up in the Events Tab of the app.

These are two seperate and independent functions that are in no way related. Playback Recordings are on the SD card in your Cam, Event Videos are in the Cloud on The Wyze Servers.

If it is the Event Tab Videos, have you set your filters for the Events Tab that might be filtering out Event Videos that are in the cloud but not shown on the list?

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Also, while I see the V3 tag, if this happens to be about a V1, the latest firmware kills most event related features from what I understand.

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