WyzeCam microSD only?

Are there any instructions for installing the WyzeCam with a microSD card and avoiding the wifi setup/configuration? I’m not sure I want to put my WyzeCam on the internet and have China spying or hacking on me.


I tried just hooking up the USB to my PC hoping it would bring up a configuration thing like many devices do but that isn’t doing anything other than WyzeCam repeating “ready to connect” over and over. I have my microSD card but haven’t plugged it in and see if wyzecam starts recording to it on its own without the wifi setup first. I figured with my interest in a microSD only use that wyzecam records to the microSD card in some normal video format that would be easy to playback with VLC before cleaning and reinserting into the WyzeCam.







I don’t believe that’s possible. The only way to configure the SD card is via the app, currently.

To connect the camera initially it will need to connect to WiFi at least once. The only feature that goes to the AWS cloud (and therefore the AWS servers all over the world, like China) is using the motion/sound detection notifications. If you only have the camera set to continuous recording (specifically an SD card feature), no clips will be uploaded to the cloud.

That being said, we do take user security very seriously and all of the uploaded video clips have multi-layer encryption. We at WyzeCam do not have access to that footage, and neither does Amazon. Even if those videos happened to be intercepted, which is unlikely, the amount of work required to dismantle multi-layer encryption is usually unappealing to most hackers. We do understand the concerns however and are actively working on limiting server pings to only US based servers.

thanks for the reply. Just needing wifi for setup seems a responsible use and then I can use my microsd card after that until I feel comfortable with the AWS servers being used even though I learned first from your reply that encryption is used for videos to the cloud.