Wyze and AWS S3 Security Measures

AWS is the cloud provider for the Wyzecam storage, but I have a couple of questions.

  1. Is S3 encryption at rest being used?
  2. Does each user get a separate, isolated bucket for their videos or are they are aggregated into one bucket ( I know this is extremely unlikely, but I wanted to ask)
  3. Are the S3 buckets being accessed through the Internet or an endpoint in a secured VPC?
  4. Is it planned to allow us to use our own S3 resources in future?

Sorry, I know this goes deep into the technical weeds.



I am really curious about this too. The main thing that is preventing me from adopting or recommending wyze cameras. is the scenario where someone physically steals the camera. After a long chat with Wyze support a month or so ago it became clear that in the case above you cannot retrieve or view any recordings from that camera. :frowning::frowning:

Hi there! Welcome aboard. You actually can see videos from cameras that are stolen. (In my case I unplugged and removed the camera) Not any local recordings as they are physically gone along with the camera unless the thief was nice enough to leave the SD card. But any cloud videos remain viewable. The camera name changes and becomes the MAC address as you can see below.

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Hi Guys

Interesting Q. But what if there is a way of preventing theft to the camera all together by adding a cage/ bracket protecting the camera.( a 3D printed design) This is bolted to your wall and of course the opening for the lens.

Has anyone else thought of this or atlease a way to prevent the theft of the camera?