Data Storage Format in S3

Is the data stored in AWS S3 in H.265/264, mpeg? Something else?

From their website “The communication requests between your mobile device, your Wyze product, and the AWS Cloud Server are made via https (Transport Layer Security (TLS)) for alert videos. We use symmetric and asymmetric encryption, consistent hashing, and other ways to make sure users’ information cannot be stolen. Each camera has its own secret key and certificate so that we can validate its identity during handshake. The contents are encrypted via AES 128-bit encryption to protect the security of the live stream and playback data. During the connection process, every device in the process has its own secret key and certification, so that we can validate their identity during handshake. Even if a hacker intercepts the data package, the data cannot be decrypted.”

Yes, I too saw that they encrypt during transit.

This does not answer the question of the data at rest in S3. In fact their docs don’t address my question – encryption at rest.

Lol @WyzeGwendolyn can you help my friend out

I’m sorry, I’m not tech involved enough for this answer. But I’m looking into it! :slight_smile: