What cloud does wyze backup to

Don’t know which cloud backup to use to view data from camera you at this so I would appreciate any help David


still cant figure out if say the camera is stolen then how can I view playback?

I don’t know if this will help answer your question but Wyze uses AWS Cloud, a programmable cloud system. If the camera gets stolen, chances are the person who stole it will make one of to moves:
Stop wherever there’s an outlet (in the car) and reset it. In this case, the move to make is to contact Wyze
Or they will wait till they get home with the camera. In that case you’re in luck, because you will:

  1. Have footage of it
  2. Still have access while they take it home

If you’re scenario is the latter, contact Wyze as soon as you notice it and they should be able to get your stuff setup so you can download your camera’s data.

Hope I helped!

If the camera receives power after being “stolen”, it will be looking for your home SSID, or the SSID that it’s programmed for. Unless the thief powered up the camera at a place that has the same SSID and password as you, your out of luck. Hopefully before it was powered off before being taken it uploaded a full CMC or 12 cloud clip atleast. Now even if the thief knows what the camera is, it’ll take them time to be able to reprogram it, if they take the time. Otherwise they may just take the card or junk the whole thing.