Stolen WyzeCam and Deleted

I’ve had a Wyze Cam 2, and a Wyze Cam 3, stolen in different locations. Both times, they’ve been deleted from my Wyze app, including the event history. The camera’s were quite high, and someone with a ladder would have had to get it. This would have been ample time to upload it to the cloud. But now that the event history is gone, I’ve lost any way of identifying who took it.

Has anyone else encountered this? This is not how I’d expect a security camera to work.

Ideas / suggestions?


How would someone be able to log in and use your app unless you shared it with another person?


I keep forgetting the other cams are not like the 4 WCO that I have in which they would also need to delete them from the my account as you said. I just have one V3 mounted with screws to the house siding. I did take a screen shot of the device info from the app that a least has the MAC address which may or may not make it easier to find if someone steals it.

That’s a pretty terrible security flaw. Cameras that have been activated on an account should not be able to be reactivated on a different account without first being removed from the account they are on. Otherwise, there’s no point in cloud recording, if the thief can just steal the camera and activate it to delete the record of them stealing the camera.


Well I’m mystified. Thought that under no circumstances could a stolen camera could be used to affect cloud recordings - how would that even work?

I heard that the WCOs had theft deactivation for a while - not letting you reassign a MAC address to a new account unless the old one relinquished it - bit even there how would the contents of the original account be affected? They wouldn’t…

You are right. Once a clip is uploaded to the cloud it is attached to the account and released from the device. So the clip will remain accessable to the account for the 14 days following it’s upload regardless of the originating device status. For the clips to go missing to, they had to of been deleted my the main user, shared user?, Or be hidden behind the main users filters or day selection in the event tab.

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This also happened to me and I was shocked to learn that anyone can activate a Wyze camera to their account. Once they do that, all your data is deleted. I would say that the engineers should create a system where you must use a log in or code to activate your cameras. That way no one would want to even steel a WyzeCam. For example, once I purchase a camera, I would enable a security feature that required a special code to activate the camera or place it on another account. The code would be in my Wzye account. So if my camera were stolen no one would be able to activate it. I could access the footage of the camera being stolen too. I could file a police report with this. :nerd_face:


Jason reported that Wyze fixed this issue two years ago*. Is it really still happening?

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Hmm You could test it if you had 2 accounts and a spare camera. I have a spare camera, but I don’t have an extra device to install a second account on.

If all this is true, that events get deleted, all the more reason to have them stored locally on some storage device other than the cloud.

This wishlist item still says ‘researching’? Has that been awhile? Anyone tested this? Outdoor cams already do this, right?


I created a separate Wyze account using a new email address and added one of my Cam v2s. The old account still show historical data, but it’s now listed as an unknown device. Before and after screenshots below.

additional screenshot


Excellent, thank you for testing and welcome, @TimS .

So the only question is whether this (correct) behavior is universal regardless of camera model, phone OS, app version, firmware version, etc…

Sounds like an LDAP problem :thinking:

I can only confirm the Cam v2 (firmware historical data appears on all my devices (iPhone 10, Pixel 4a, and Amazon Fire HD10 9gen) running the current Wyze app versions, your mileage my vary.

With the Wyze app on the phone when they try to add the MAC address it could even capture their GPS location and send you an email. That may be a nice feature.


When I tried to set my cameras up at my daughter’s house, using her information, I had to first delete the devices from my application.

I don’t think you can steal a camera and just add it to a new account based on my experience.

Motion video only stays on the cloud for 14 days. So there is that time constraint to ID the thief


You probably used the Wyze Outdoor Cams which won’t work unless deleted from the current account.


If you know how to do that, will you share that with me? I have never trusted the cloud