SD Card Stolen


Funny thing happened to me today. I tried to look at some playbook on my wyze camera and it said SD card was removed.

I have no clue what happened to my SD card. Is there a way to check on the logs when the SD card was removed? This would be very helpful…I am kind of scared.

Future request send an alert immediately when an SD card is removed.


Did you really check if the SD is physically missing? Or did you get a message that there’s no SD card? If the latter, the SD card might have failed but still there.

Check to see if your card is physically in the camera


No. I was hoping for the same thing that the SD card had failed. Unfortunately, the physical card has been stolen.

Which scares me. Wyze please; feature request. Encryption on the cards and alert for removal or time of removal. Thanks :frowning:

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as far as I know there is no prompt in the app that says SD card was removed

The only prompt I am aware of is ‘No micro SD card installed in camera’

Too bad nothing shows up in the last 14 of cloud files.

I would think you would have to pickup the cam to get the SD card out. Seems there should be a difference in camera position before and after the theft.

Where was your camera located , inside , outside etc ?

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if you check your event clips on the cloud you should be able to see what time the card was removed


I like that idea, but how can you find that info on the cloud files?

If your camera is set to detect motion you should be able to see when someone grab your camera and took the card out , if your camera is not set to detect motion or sound , then your outta luck

Unless it happened in the cool down, but you would think cam would catch person walking up

1 Like get the SD out without moving the cam?

You can answer that for yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it is almost impossible to do without moving it

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Only , Micro Man could remove a Micro SD Card without moving the cam :wink::grinning:

One question comes to mind, why steal just the card and leave the camera behind? It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense…this is a very odd thief. :thinking:

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Yes, there are too many unknowns to fully understand the situation.

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The SD content was the target. Kompromat?

Was this cam mounted somewhere inappropriate?