My wyze cam never had a chip in it. Lots of my money medicine and jewelry were stolen at random times. Also someone changed my password. Basically what is this chip, who put it there, and why won’t the police believe me when this is a f:&$;#ing felony. I been trying to tell the police for years

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Did you have 2-factor authentication turned on? If so, did you receive a notice about this activity? Is there anyone else with access to your account?

Are you talking about the micro SD card in the bottom of the camera? This card has to be physically installed into the camera in the slot on the bottom of it. The micro SD card is used for local event, time-lapse and continuous recording on the plugged in cameras.


Yes. But I didn’t put it there or ever buy one. Things have been stolen
I reported to the police several times during a 2 year period that things were getting stolen and I was getting broken into. How do I see what is on this card someone else put in there? Thank you so much…so much was stolen.

Do you know of anyone who has physical access to the camera? Where did you get the camera? Wyze doesn’t put the cards in the camera before sending them to you.
You can remove the card and put it in your computer to view the files or go to the camera, then “view playback”. You should be able to view the video there. The video (if available) is great evidence of theft.


Are you saying there is an SD card in the camera but you didn’t put it there?
You can either take the card out of the camera and view the files on a phone, tablet or computer or try to view it on the Wyze app.
How long ago did these things happen?


Can you go into the camera settings, Advanced Settings > Local Storage, is Local Recording to micro SD turned on?


If you have an SD card in your cam and the settings are configured to record you can view the contents either thru your Wyze app by clicking the Playback button at the bottom of the camera screen or by removing the card from the bottom of the camera and using a PC to view it. Either way the card will only contain the most recent days activity, depending on how you have configured your recording settings.


The other posters have added some good information for you, I am wondering how and where do you use your camera now? Sounds like you don’t use the sd local storage, but do you use the cloud event recordings? The ones that are accessed through the event tab off the main page. That may record something that may be of use to you, it’s better than nothing. Do you only use the camera to live view? Where is your camera mounted? Like @Brlepage mentioned, does anyone else have physical access to your camera in it’s mounted location?