V3 Starlight quality question

So got my V3 today and had a little time to play with it so far. What I’ve noticed so far though is that in the dark with some light sources, and night vision off, the image quality seems kinda bad, like compression noise/artifacts/pixels jumping around. If I turn night vision on with IR off that goes away and the image looks crisp, similar brightness just no color.

Anyone else experienced this? Am I missing a setting? Hopefully will have more time to play with it tomorrow…

i am also seeing this before i removed the camera cover. Did you remove the protective cover on camera lens
is your audio working fine. My audio is not working

I had to check to be sure but year the protector is off. I’ve now mounted it in a similar position to my v2 outside so I’ll be able to upload some video tomorrow if it’s still looking bad when dark.

Sound wise, my v2 and v3 seem about the same but the v3 has a constant white noise/static sound when volume is high, v2 seems to have less noticeable random background type noises that don’t appear to be real.

What I did notice though is the cam plus on my v3 not nearly as reliable as my v2. It’s either failing to detect or stopping recording while motion continues. V2 on cam plus v3 on cam plus trial. Very odd

Well quality on the v3 is awesome tonight. Maybe my testing indoors last night was a bit too dark for it and maybe too busy of an image.