Cam v2 heavily saturated image

We have a black cam 2 which replaced a cam 3 and we’re noticing a very saturated image quality in a well lit area. There are lights but everything is heavily yellow/gold tinted. Is there some type of proper white balancing?

Can you post a picture of what you are seeing?

I can try but it’s the same image as on a regular camera but it looks like the entire area is covered with yellow gold light. While our lighting can be seen overhead and is warm white (2700k), the overall camera image is very oversaturated. Imagine taking a photo and turning up the saturation level in photoshop. You can see images relatively clearly but very yellow/golden. This was not a problem with the v3 cam that used to be there nor the other v3 cameras in the same area. The black camera is much better for the spot it is in.

The v3 does have a better sensor than the v2, but the v2 is pretty good anyway and shouldn’t be over saturated. Try to send a screenshot

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Post a picture - otherwise we’re guessing.


Looking this morning before taking a screenshot, I noticed that the effect is completely gone - in the daylight. It must be that when the soft white (goldenish) lights go on, the cam v2 camera overcompensates and make the image appear even more impacted by the soft white light than it actually is. The cam v3 doesn’t have this problem, although it too doesn’t always show colors as accurately as the eye, especially when the lights are on, but it shows the area as being much whiter and closer to proper white levels.

You can always take screenshots from previous events or go back on SD card footage and get screenshots that way for visual aids for us here.

Is any of this caused by the IR lights on board possibly reflecting from something nearby in view?

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