Comparison of V2 and V3

I had a V2 in the past. I have recently changed it to a V3. These are placed behind window glass looking into the street. I am enclosing some pictures from the V2 and V3 taken at around the same time at 1 am. The night LE lights were turned off to avoid reflection from the glass. Just want to show the beutiful color night vision from the V3


Same here it does work decently as long as you have light outside of your window. At my home this is what i see. But at my rural camp where there is absolutely no light :bulb: on outside all i get is the reflection of the window staring back at me

Do you have the IR lights on or off? I would turn them off, if the camera is mounted inside and maybe place an IR light outside above the window,

If only the camp wasnt 15 stayes away. Its my summer place

Here is a shot from a V3 looking out a window in a dark bedroom. The camera is tight against the window.

Iā€™ve included a screenshot of Advanced Settings screen. Make sure the IR lights are off.

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