Can Cam v3 detect motion through glass?

Has anyone had any experience installing a v3 behind glass? Does it still detect motion?

Motion detection on the V3 works very much the same way as the V2. It’s based on pixel changes, not IR like the WCO. You mainly need to worry about IR light reflection, just like the V2.

Thank you. I’m not familiar with the v2. From your comments I assume my v3 will detect motion and can focus on image from behind glass, but the IR light reflection may distort the image and/or be visible to an intruder?

you can turn off the IR and utilize the Starlight feature on the V3, provided there is some light outside the window. I did this for awhile until I got it mounted outside.

you still get some reflection but not much at all. You can also purchase this to help with the glare:

Yes the only model that will not work is the wireless outdoor camera you might need 2 adjust the sentivy