IR Reflection in Window

Does anyone else have this issue with the night vision & their windows/glass? I presume it is because of the gasses in the dual-pane windows/doors. Any suggestions on how to make this better, if such exists? If I turn off night vision then the camera sees nothing, of course, as it’s dark in front of the house. Thanks

It has nothing to due with the gas in dual pane windows. It happens with single pain windows too. This IR reflection has been talked about many times here, the lights are shining at glass so it’s going to make a reflection. Hopefully they will enable an option to be able to turn off the IR lights, like with other security cams. But then the only you’re going to be able to see outside is if there are lights out there or you have some additional outside IR lighting. Any lighting through glass is going to reflect into the camera, whether it’s IR or visible lights.

Every cam I own does that and it doesn’t have to be double pane glass or a Wyze cam. I installed different brand wireless cam in the back window of my motorhome as a backup camera. I can’t turn off the IR lights in that cam so until the sun comes up and the IR lights go off automatically the cam is useless due to the reflection off the glass. The Wyze cams have the option of turning off the IR lights and that’s what I do on the two Wyze cams I have looking through glass. I have enough ambient light outside for the Wyze cams to work without the IR lights.

Wind_rocker, I think you are mistaken because the Wyze cams do NOT have the option to turn off the IR lights. You can however turn off night vision mode, which also turns off the IR lights. But you can’t just turn off the IR lights alone.

Night vision is the IR lights.

Black electrical tape. Done.

Night vision does work without the IR lights being activated, Wyze just hasn’t implemented that feature for these cameras. But technically, night vision is not the IR lights.

I have 2 Wyze cams in my office that are behind glass. I have to disable the IR lights (Night vision mode ‘Off’) but the camera does not shut down after dark. Images are dimmer but I still get notifications triggered by motion, car headlights, etc. I have cheap Harbor Freight solar powered flood lights with motion sensors around my storage units. If something triggers one of the flood lights it also triggers the camera and I get a notification and a good look at who or what triggered the light.

Hopefully someone has put in a “feature request” to be able to disable the IR lights, yet keep Night Mode enabled. If not, sign me up for that feature.

Just rename Night Mode to IR Lights, done.

Hi Chris, Can you demonstrate or take pix to show where the electric tape is covered in front so it can work? Thank you

What’s the question?

i have this same issue…any fixes yet?

i will spray paint in black a CD disk and glue to front of camera.
let see if this work.

just break the window :upside_down_face:

Have you tried shutting the IR lights off and using just the night vision?

if this doesn’t work the other option that a lot of users have employed is an external ir light that turns on at night

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i want to be able to see color during the day and night vision at night.

anyone know if this will fix problem?
is Wyze trying to make a $20 cam into a $32 cam?

That is not made by Wyze, so they aren’t trying to do anything… if you would like to participate in the outdoor cam development though, there is a link below where you can find a survey to voice your opinions

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If the camera is in front of a window, you need to go to the “Advanced Settings” section of the camera’s settings, and disable “Night Vision IR Lights”. You’ll still have night vision – it simply disables the IR lights which cause the reflection on the window that blinds the camera. If your outdoor area is lit by other lights, the night vision should still look great. If it’s not, it may be a bit dim, but there’s no real way around that, other than putting the camera on the outside of the window.

Yes turning off IR work…i can see at night but not bright enough…better than nothing i guess
after 1 month i will find flat black spray paint and take matter myself.