Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

The outdoor camera is in the testing phase right now

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I’m having to use a combo of Wyze, Ring and Nest because no single ecosystem has everything. Nest records everything but eats too much bandwidth and monthly costs are too much. Yet their doorbell is super sharp, reliable and their product durability is outstanding. No hardware failures for me.

Ring has solar powered cams that can be placed anywhere, but their PIR is always late thereby missing most events and recording only what follows after the motion object has passed by. Hardware reliability is also mixed for me. Two hardware failures in two years. Wyze needs the ability to place outdoor product anywhere in order to compete with Ring and they must have 3-5 second pre-record with PIR motion detection: otherwise, I might as well stay with Ring or maybe try Arlo. Solar power should at least be an option even if Wyze doesn’t actually manufacture the solar panel itself. Simply keep the power input port and weather proof it.

I’m using Wyze Pan Cam under an overhang as a potential replacement for Nest Outdoor cams and it is outstanding as it is. I think with a tiny bit of weather proofing, this may be a good foundation for your outdoor offering. Wyze also needs a doorbell product.

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Thy sir. Keep up the good work…word is spreading about Wyze. From me…lol
Already hot family and friends hooked.


I hear very good things about the Eufy doorbell cams.

What is the status of the outdoor camera. I need a few.


They are in the “testing” phase. Topics in #wishlist and #roadmap have tags which state the status of each topic. :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone!

Scott here from the Wyze marketing team.

I’d love to get your thoughts & feedback on an outdoor Wyze Cam.

I’ve created a short questionnaire (linked below) that will help me understand what’s important to you when considering an outdoor camera.

If you’re interested, please open and complete this form: https://forms.gle/Jhmf6amfV5hM9PLV9

Thank you in advance! I’ll be reading every single response


Done!!! Looking forward to getting these installed!!! and still have my fingers crossed for becoming a beta tester :crossed_fingers: (filled out the form already):upside_down_face:

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Hi Gwendolyn…great to hear about outdoor cam goal…ive been hoping…Just want u to know how I appreciate ur companies efforts and foresight…Hope is all well in the trenches with ur staff despite the naysayers and haters…A lot of us are pulling for u. [MOD EDIT] I love progressive companies that try to help consumers in a responsible and profitable way…we are counting on u to succeed…

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Thank you, nca99. We appreciate your support! :smiley:

Thanks Scott.

One of the issues I see in identifying features is people often want features at the expense of what matters. A lot of this is down to ignorance or looking at the specs of others peoples products and thinking more is best, a kind of features arms race. Just look at antivirus programs. This is exactly what happened for a while until some manufacturers started to strip back the programs in favour of what was important. The ones that were often the slowest and least functional were the ones that were all singing and dancing and the ones avoided by the those in know because those features come at the expense of what’s important - preventing viruses and a good everyday user experience in terms of speed.

The same can be said of cameras. Most of your target audience have never seen a quality digital cctv picture so simply don’t know the difference between mediocre and outstanding. Would it influence their decision to realise the difference? I don’t know.

However, when it comes to using the camera for a security purpose, you have to ask the question, ultimately when someone burglarises your house (or attempts to), what’s more important a camera that makes them cup of tea but captures an image from which they can’t be easily identified, or a camera that just watches but catches a perfect video and still image? It’s a bit like having the guard dog we all know someone with one of these, where it barks at the window but then wags it’s tail and licks the burglar to death when he gets in. It’s a great pet, but not a great guard dog.

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Honestly if that is what I wanted I would not have bought WYZE, they are not trying to be that.


…except that “what matters” isn’t objective. The features that people want are “what matters” to them. “What matters” to you is NOT the overall definition of “what matters.” But it’s not an issue. It just means the product doesn’t cater to you. No problem. Just look for a product that does.


It seems a little late in the process to be asking what we want in an outdoor camera.
I thought this thing was supposed to be released this year, 2019.


The Eufycam uses a 6700mah battery & lots of people have said that they have had it last almost a year and battery bar still high

No one mentioned a voltage for the mah, makes a big difference

Better than previous questionnaires

Hope it’s helpful

@angus.black I think it’s more for how to market the camera, what to demonstrate, what to emphasize on the packaging etc

Could be. That does make sense given the questions asked.

would a solar setup work with constant recording?
my ideal scenario would be this new rugged outdoor camera attached to a small solar panel/battery unit like the motion detection solar units. i would then attach them around the house where there is sunlight out of reach of people on foot. would that keep the camera running 24/7 (in a really sunny region)? or maybe just sell the solar panel thing as an add-on accessory in the store if people don’t want it as one unit.

Theoretically, yes. You’d have to make sure the solar panel gets enough is large enough and that it’s able to store enough energy for night time/cloudy days. I don’t know enough to give you any specifics on what size panel you’d need to buy, but certainly it can be done.

They’ve already said that won’t be part of the plan for V1 of the outdoor cameras, but you can buy aftermarket solar panels which connect to the USB charging port.

Here’s someone who did it with the Pan camera: 100% Solar Powered Wyze Cam Pan


That belies what their web site shows: Wyze Cam v3 | Wired Security Camera

Everything other than drawing on the fridge, ie watching the baby, dog and grounds for intruders is a security ie CCTV application.

Also, I’m not saying the Wyze should be all picture and nothing else, rather than that should be the main focus. Versatility doesn’t necessarily have to be lost so the camera can still be great for wildlife filming etc (something that would benefit from a great picture anyway), but rather that it shouldn’t be packed with every feature you can think of just to make feature packed at the expense of the most important part of a camera, the picture.

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