IR Reflection in Window

at night turn IR off and morning turn it on? what a pain.

Why would you need to turn it on in the morning? IR has no effect during the day.

Are you talking about night vision? (Not the same thing as IR, but related.) You may have accidentally set it to always on. There’s a moon icon in the top right corner. If you tap it, it will show “Auto,” “On,” or “Off.” If you want it to turn off night vision during the day, it should be set to “Auto.”


We have noticed when turning on night vision the infared lights glare back through the window and we see nothing out side

Hi @jkwilson2009, welcome to the community! You can turn on night vision without having the ir lights on - this will give you a view outside without the glare

i did this …works fine w/o glare…except…when my UPS show up around 7pm …i can see him in my history but i did not get an alert that he came in the event :frowning: NOT COOL

If it is recording events and you are not getting notifications there are a few thing to check

  1. make sure your phone has notifications enabled for the Wyze app

  2. make sure notifications are turned on in the app

  3. on the main page of the app there is a “bell” icon on the top, make sure this is not turned off, it will silence everything

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I will also add to what @steve4335 said:

If you have notifications set for person only and it does not detect UPS as a person you will not get notified. I know detecting a person has a lot of variables with angles and time of day (glare from sun). So you may need notify on all motion on if it is not on already.

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Cam inside behind glass during the day / evening…i get all the alert…capture me in and out of house.
the only time the allert sent out @ night IF i turn on the light inside and the cam detect the light. otherwise going outside in the night will not sent alert in the event. since cam is inside i will see glare therefore had to turn IR off.