Blinded by the (IR) Light

I got a pair of Wyze Cam cameras today. Setup was easy enough to complete. Positioning them was a tad more challenging.

For convenience and tamper-proofing, I prefer to install outdoor-oriented security cameras indoors. After sunset though, it’s pretty obvious my preference won’t work with these cameras: the IR reflection (from the window glass) blinds both.

We have motion sensing lights that cover the area the cameras point toward. Can I disable the IR on these cameras? Otherwise, suggestions–short of moving the cameras to the other side of the glass 'cause installing the cameras outside is gonna be exponentially more difficult for me–will be considered.

Anyone working on a hack to make these cameras PoE…?

For Android application, open the Live Stream then click on the setting icon (gear) in the upper right corner. Select Advanced Settings and turn off night vision.

Same for iOS. There is presently no way to turn off the LEDs and have night vision remain on. If you have outside lights, it should be okay without night vision on.

The option to turn off LEDs while letting night vision remain on has been requested many times. Hopefully that would not be too hard to implement in firmware and Wyze will give us that feature at some point.

+1 on this for me as well.

I have a cam pointing out my front window at my cars in the driveway, which have a motion pointed at them.

In night mode, the motion light gives enough light to get a good picture, but the IRs cause impenetrable glare. My solution was to tape over the whole front of the cam except the lens and light sensor. Works, but some IR light still gets through around the lens housing, so not perfect.

I would love to have a separate toggle for the IR whist leaving the night mode available!

If you are using regular motion activated lights (white light) outside, do you really need night vision on? The night vision mode really only helps when there is IR illumination. People are asking to be able to turn off the IR LEDs because they are mounting IR illuminators outside. If you are not mounting IR illuminators outside, then I don’t think there’s really this need.

Night mode switches to what looks like B&W, and works much better in low light.

Even without IR illumination, the picture is much better in night mode.