Tired of blocking my camera's IR lights with black tape

In many situations where a camera is facing outside through a window the night vision experience is not good. If you leave the night vision setting in “auto mode” the infrared LED lights create massive window glare after dark. If you turn off night vision it disables the IR lights but also forces the camera to stay in “daytime” mode which provides significantly less sensitivity at night (when you need it most). One crude solution that many owners use is to cover the front of their cameras with black electrician’s tape to block the IR lights. A far better solution would be to add an on/off switch in the WyzeCam app that would shut off the infrared LED lights without disabling night vision capability (IR cut filter). In most cases there is adequate outside lighting as long as the camera is able to switch into night mode (black & white images). It’s very easy to buy a $10 motion sensing light bulb that can provide exterior lighting in many situations. With the current firmware and app the only way to disable the IR lights also disables night vision at the same time. That makes the camera MUCH LESS sensitive at night, providing disappointing night vision results. Please consider providing a switch in the app that would allow users to control their IR lights independent of the night vision capability (IR cut filter). You will instantly create many happy customers who could place their cameras in a window without experiencing massive IR light glare (and without spoiling the looks of their handsome cameras with black tape)! Thanks in advance for your consideration of this much-needed feature.

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