Camera viewing through window

Hello All,
Just purchased the Wyze Cam 2 and the record video is great. I have the camera facing out my front window next to my front door and the day time record works wonderful but the night vision only projects a large light on the glass.
Is there a way to filter the projected light so the night vision will work through glass?

Hi Brian,

Infrared light reflects off glass, so that’s what you’re seeing. There is currently no way to turn off the IR LEDs and with night vision on. So please hop over to the post below and vote for it. (You must click the VOTE button at the top of the page for your vote to count.)

There’s also some info in that thread and elsewhere on the forum where folks have used various forms of black tape to cover over the LEDs to partially or completely eliminate the IR light. Reading through that thread will give you some ideas.

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Or somehow get it on the other side of the window/glass. Without the IR lights, you may not see much.

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Right… turning off the camera’s IR lights would best be used in combination with a stand alone IR emitter mounted outside. Such an IR emitter would likely give you much better range than the little LEDs in the camera, even if the camera were mounted outside.

Supplementing the IR is on the list. Later though.

Can someone provide an example of an outdoor IR emitter? Thanks!

Like this?


Another option is to turn off the night vision and install outdoor motion detection lights.

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