Wyze cam pan V3

Just purchased Cam Pan V3’s to replace a few of my outdoor V3’s and wonder which is the best way to mount them. What are the pros and cons to mount them sitting or hanging from the mounting bracket?

Just my opinion but I would not recommend replacing regular V3s with Pan V3s for outside use. I replaced a few of my indoor V2s and V3s with Pan V3s and the Pan V3s are significantly inferior when it comes to motion detection at distances beyond 15 feet. And this is in very well lit rooms with the only motion being a person or a 20 pound dog. The Pan V3s simply don’t detect the motion and if they do, they almost never identify them as either Pet or Person, it just says “Motion”.

One of my V2s was set up to watch a 25’ x 15’ room and was placed at one of the long ends. It would easily detect motion and identify Person and Pet at the full 25 feet. The Pan V3 I replaced it with only detects motion reliably out to about 17 feet and does not identify my dogs as Pet beyond 15 feet. It only occasionally identifies a Person at the full 25 foot distance. Basically, to cover the same area as I was covering with one V2 I’ve now installed TWO Pan V3s. Only reason I didn’t use a regular V3 is because I want the privacy mode for all my indoor cams.

In contrast, the V3s I have set up outside will easily detect motion out to 40 feet and beyond, day or night, and are very accurate in identifying Person or Pet (or coyote as a pet), even at those distances.

I would say use the Pan V3s indoors since they have the privacy mode and use regular V3s to monitor outdoor stuff.

That said, the image quality of the Pan V3 is better than the regular Cam V2, but not better than the regular V3.

But if you’re only covering a small area outside, the Pan V3 would be fine. If it were me I’d mount it upside down because it will give you a full 360 horizontal view and you will be able to see directly below the camera. If you mount it right side up the view below the camera will be blocked by the lower cube.

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How they are mounted depends on where you mount them. For outdoor cams, you usually want these out of reach so they can’t be snatched. Therefore, they need to be up high looking down.

For the PanV3 looking down, it will need to be upside down so that the cam isn’t always staring at the base and obscuring the FOV.

Thanks for the advice, very much appreciated. I will experiment buy placing the new Pan Cam V3’s beside the current V3’s and compare their picture and detection range.

Thanks for the recommendation, will be sure to mount them with the base up since I need to see below them.

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As I sit here typing this, my dog walker has gone inside and walked around by the front door and far side of the room, my two dogs have been jumping on and off the couch, and the Pan V3 placed 25 feet away has detected exactly nothing. (I only know they were there because my other Pan V3 I had to place 10 feet away detected it)

Meanwhile, my regular V3 Pro that is mounted inside a window, about 12 ft high, looking outside through the window, and my regular V3 which is mounted outside, about 18 feet high, have been driving me crazy with non-stop notifications because there’s a guy doing some work outside about 30 feet from the V3 Pro and maybe 40 feet from the regular V3. Non-stop Person notifications. I actually had to turn them off.

And when the workers took a break someone else walked in the field of view of the V3 Pro about 40 feet away, maybe a little more, and although it didn’t identify it as a person, it did record a motion event.

Very disappointed with the Pan V3 motion detection.