Both $30 but which is 'better'? Wyze Cam v3 vs Wyze Cam Pan v3?

Which is the ‘better’ pic or your go to? Seems like the pan functionality is only a few bucks more?

What are your wants? Or what are your deal breakers? What works for me may not work for you. Personally I would rather flood areas with fixed cameras than have a pan camera on oan scan or motion tracking. Having fixed cameras allow me to see everything as I would rather see all than have a chance to miss stuff. But like I said, it may not work for you if you only have room for one camera, or other limiting factors.

Keep in mind that the Cam Pan V3’s motion detection is only reliable to about 15 feet. Beyond that it is very inconsistent and once you hit 20 feet, good luck having it detect anything. Although at night it does detect lights at those distances. But people, animals, vehicles, etc, your range is about 15 feet to consistently and accurately detect objects, and by 20 feet it’s pretty much blind.

On the other hand, the regular V3 will detect and identify objects reliably out to 30 feet and beyond.

My Pan V3 will not detect people or pets past 17 feet. But my regular V3 will detect people and animals reliably at 40 feet.

If you’re covering a small area and would benefit from the pan feature, the Pan V3 is fine. Otherwise get a regular V3 or even two or three of them.

Thanks for this feedback. Most likely, I will position the camera in a desired view and leave it be so the regular v3 sounds like the go to. Appreciate it.

A regular v3 will work on Cam Plus Lite. Pan v3 will not work on Lite.

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I’m with Tony on this one. Go with multiple V3s rather than one Pan.