Pan cams difference v3 vs v2

i am trying to decide btwn the 2 pan cams. v2 and v3. but i don’t see what the real difference is. i have the orig pan cams and they are not good at night and low light. looking for something better. any idea which is better? v2 i $10 more per camera. ? i have the orig outdoor reg cam and its terrible. want to upgrade if possible. thanks for ideas/input

For starters, the pan v3 has a different physical design than the pan V1 and the pan v2. The pan v3 has way better low light performance than the previous two.

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The PanV2 is Indoor only. The PanV3 is rated for Outdoor use. There is no comparison between these and the Wyze Cam Outdoor as the WCO is a battery operated cam with a PIR activation sensor and limitations to conserve battery.

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thanks, thats what i didnt understand. the v2 which is primarly indoors is $10 more per camera… dont really understand why so i was looking for what the difference could be. it is just l like the orig ones i have and they are not very reliable with night. so why would someone want the v2 instead of v3 if v3 cheaper and better in low light? what am i missing? lol

Couldn’t tell ya. The v2 pan also has the star light sensor. The pan v2 isnt being sold by Wyze anymore that I can find, having being replaced by the v2 pan.

Website and app stores.

I LOVE the V3 Pan cam over my V2…they both get the job done BUT I’ll admit the V3 does it much Better


Quite a few of us have had a recent issue with the V3 disconnecting with no viable solution in sight atm. We’ve tried everything and even invented a few things. But to no avail. ALL my other Version cams still performing flawlessly. At this time I put a timer on my V3 to reboot it once a day. It will still work and record but you cant view anything when it disconnects from the wifi. But other than that the V3 is superior in every way

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The price difference is in the cost of manufacturing. The PanV1 and PanV2 have a much more materials intensive build with parts specialized to those models. When Wyze came out with the PanV3, they were able to capitalize on various components that were already in use in other cams and a lower manufacturing cost. They passed on the cost savings to the customer.

Thanks all who gave input.


Not sure why no one mentioned the BIGGEST difference in UI between the two. The older UI in v1/v2 is easier to manage on your phone than the newer UI of the v3. And as far as low light and indoor vs outdoor… I have v1, v2, v3 all outdoor under roof edge and all are still operational… including the v1! And as you know both v2 and v3 have low light sensors and look the same to me.

Another BIG issue with Pan Cam V3 is it will not connect to Cam Plus Lite… they sell them cheaper to sell them but you have to pay for a higher level of service to get the videos… Learned this the hard way! Wasted money…