Pan v3 vs outdoor v2 for driveway

Hi, I’m considering replacing an old Arlo camera on my driveway with one of these wyze cameras.

The arlo is actually pretty good at sending me quick notifications which distinguish vehicle from pet from person.

I’m trying to understand whether the outdoor v2 will be better than the pan v3 for my purpose. Seems like the big differences are:

  • the base station for connectivity at distance
  • battery power or not
  • the panning
  • price 2x

For my purpose, if the wifi signal was sufficient (works for the Arlo), and I can provide power, then seems like the pan might be a good choice. Am I missing something ?

I’d like to have usable 2-way audio, but it seems like none of these small cameras can do that at all well, from any company.

Thx for any perspective.

The Pan V3 is far more powerful than the Outdoor V2. The only reason I would ever buy the Outdoor Camera is if I couldn’t wire power, and needed a battery.

To add to your list, the Pan V3 can also live stream all day long, and record continuously to an SD card.


Just out of curiosity, why are you replacing the Arlo if it’s working fine?

Read about the V3 Pro. It has some advantages over the V3 Pan. It’s sold out now, but they say it will be available soon. That’s the one I’m waiting for.

I think I mentioned in another post, the 2K resolution of the V3 Pro would be hard to sustain on your 4Mbs internet speed. I forgot to mention that both V3 and V3 Pan support two way audio.

EDIT: You can always get the V3 Pro and return it if it doesn’t work with your setup.

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Thanks. We’re on the list for Elon’s StarLink. So I think I’ll go ahead and go for the resolution and features of the V3 Pro, and just live with diminished function until the StarLink. Better than buying 2 sets of cameras.


Something to consider:

I don’t have the V3 Pro or Pan V3 yet but my V3 keeps triggering the vehicle detection on my wife’s car sitting in the driveway. It is immensely annoying. I can’t use the feature. My Eufy, using Homekit doesn’t do the same and neither does my Eufy, using their proprietary AI stuff.

The V3 Pro or pan V3 would likely be your best bet for what you’re looking for. They have 2 way audio but it’s nothing I’d have a conversation on, lol. I’d use it more for someone at my door, like a smart doorbell. Also keep in mind that the where the cable plugs into the pan V3 is kind of funky (at an angle) so not all long cables will work (if you’re using a long cable or powered solar panel, etc).

Good Luck.

@neoprimal thx for those tips on the cable.

@habib why switch: Partly because they’re discontinuing support and partly because the cost to keep using it is jumping up to $5/camera. But no rush.

Actually, Arlo’s solution is pretty darn strong. I get these terrific image alerts on apple watch so in a fraction of second I can decide whether I care. Light years ahead of ring. Does wyze have anything similar ?

Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 2.02.49 PM

Just a heads up for anyone wanting to unplug your USB cord running an older camera this new Pan Cam v3 has a 90 degree micro plug. Your old cord won’t work. I found an adaptor on Amazon for when I make my swap out of cameras. The adapter is a short female usb2.0 to micro b female extension cable.


Tada! You do have to touch the logo though when it comes up. Doesn’t just auto display the image.


@neoprimal OK, very similar, good, thx

Have no clue as I don’t have an Apple watch, as a matter of fact I hate wearing watches :slight_smile: